A day out with Fung’s family

This was 2nd time to shoot for Lydia and Dickson’s families.  This time we shot at Gold Coast Hotel areas.  It is very interesting to shoot for new people to meet and shoot within timeline.  I hope they will still … Continue reading

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Sun & Kwong pre-wedding at Korea

This is my first time to Korea, what made it more special was that it was for Sun and Kwong’s pre-wedding photo shoot. Kwong is my long term partner, I felt really honoured when he first proposed to me with … Continue reading

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風雨不改! 堅持!毅力賽!

Really don’t know why golf is categorized as sport as I just saw the people walking around at the golf course without heavy exercise. However , I find out the reason behind you need to play for whole day with … Continue reading

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Paris episode 3

I usually get up in early morning and it’s no exception during my trip.  Wandered around alone in the early morning looking for interesting places nearby. Here made me dreamed of something and I will spend more time to shoot in  this station next time. Had to have a baguette and coffee for breakfast. One of the best ways  to start the day. Went back to join the couple for some shots within hotel room before  heading out.  Some touring pictures along the way and found tunes of people along the way.  Fortunately, we still get available angles for shooting of my favorite. Moving on after a recharging lunch with lots of cheese …  I find it’s not difficult to find interesting things to shoot all the way.  They were some of the shoots I asked to stop and shoot for few minutes. Honored to have these guest chefs for the day.  Ended our day with more photo shooting. 

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Sunshine girls

We started to discuss this project since May as they were a group of 6 best friends knowing each other since ‘years’ ago. I kept on fascinating on how they will look like and how will be react and how … Continue reading

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For all photos , please visit my facebook page.

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Paris episode 2

As an early walker I was rather surprised to be greeted by the couple as I stepped out of the room. After joining them for a casual chat we decided to set out earlier to greet the morning sun. Admire their bravery, and Paris drivers for their careful driving. Had to go back for more. Recalling the warm sunshine and cool wind blowing. The perfect weather for sweat-less shooting. Photography isn’t all about holding the camera. : ) Bonjour Paris ! Went round capturing different angles of the tower… and the couple of course. There is a video of them dancing too. Love this subways, they never fail to create romantic atmospheres. No food photos for the day. Cleared before I remembered the camera. Picked out a favorite shot for the night. As I said here’s the video ! Enjoy.

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Paris episode 1

Back in May, I travelled to Europe (Paris and Prague)  with Melody and William  hoping to create a memorable experience for us.  Being my first time to Europe, it was definitely memorable and Paris left a deep impression in me …. A big wow when we entered the apartment we rent. Looking from the balcony. Busy unpacking The excited bride-to-be And also the groom-to-be. The next moment we are all ready to make a move. Lunch. Deciding was never easy. Satisfaction. Catching some casual shots under the pleasant weather. Time passes really fast with love and laughter. A great way to end the day.

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