Master Pieces

Miu & Derek

I love this photo because Kaka & Gary put a lot of courage to take that photo which she was sitting 6m from the ground with strong wind. I was proud of you !

很佩服 Kaka & Gary 的勇氣坐在6米高的石上 , 加上強風這真不容易擺出這表情。

I think this photo represent the weather of their coming wedding with blue sky and full of happiness. See you soon !

This was a moment when the bride was having a grateful speech on the stage of Disney hotel. Her words touch everyone’s heart especially her little brother bursted into tears with his wife while other sisters sitting behind were smiling with tears as well.

It was one of nice magic moment 5 mins before the sky total turn into darkness. We didn’t expect to take this shoot in magic moment in this place as no wonder the secure lets us in the private park by chance and took this shoot. Magic moment with magic couple. See you in Dec !

Love is all around.

Congratulations to Miu & Derek. It was extreme hot day that was quite good location for me to dip in water. We had lots of fun yesterday and looking forward to your wedding in Dec !

It was a challenge of reaching such nice location with courage and endurance.

We never think of taking wedding photos under strong wind and rain. I thought of giving up and reschedule the other day for shooting. However , I decided to go ahead after I prayed. I think this photo telling us no matter situation they will stay together for life.



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