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Wedding is once in our lifetime and it’s impossible to take 2nd time.  Especially , when you invest huge cost for make up/ dresses wear / decoration / invitation card / church / banquet & etc.  All you have left behind after your wedding will be memories from photos & video. Will you even think of doing something special on you pre-wedding and wedding day ? Michael not even help to plan to meet your expectation but to exceed them.

In the past 20 years , Michael help numerous couples in their wedding and they become good friends until today. He even witness their pregnancy and family growing with joy and happiness.

结婚是一生人一次最宝贵的过程, 婚礼当中会投放很多资金于化妆/服装/摆设/邀请卡/教堂及晚宴上.  婚礼过后这些美丽的片段靠着翻看相片及录像作回忆. 你脑海中会否希望在拍摄緍照及婚礼过程上, 安排一些别出心思的计划来增添你俩的回忆? 摄影师Michael不只协助你们一同计划理想, 并且帮助你们达成理想, 创造美丽的见证.

拥有20年摄影经验的Michael, 至今已为无数的新人留下最珍贵的回忆, 并和他们建立了深厚的友谊, 更延续地为他们拍摄怀孕, 宝宝, 宠物及家庭幸褔的照片.


studio : 2/F 93 Queens Road East , Wan Chai, Hong Kong (by appointment only)

tel       : (852) 2520 2568 / (852) 9027 7045

email  : info@michaellawstudio.com

影楼地址: 香港湾仔皇后大道东93号2楼 (敬请致电预约)

联络电话: (852) 2520 2568 或 (852) 9027 7045

电子邮件: info@michaellawstudio.com