Ivy & Derek’s wedding at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

This wedding was very special to me as I was shooting as 2nd snap shot photographer. I didn’t bring my team on their wedding day. On the other hand , I could shoot freely whatever I want. It was such an amazing experience which I could step back to see more from other angles. The most important thing was we built up a very good relationship as we met from other weddings long time ago.  They will fully agree that I couldn’t shoot for their wedding without the arrangement from God. halleluyah !

About Michael Law Production

We are HK based company providing professional photography & video service.
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1 Response to Ivy & Derek’s wedding at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

  1. Lam Teresa says:

    Hi Michael,
    My name is Teresa. I am considering to give a photo shooting package gift to my son, daughter-in-law and grandson who live in Melbourne. They will be coming back to HK in Feb 2013 for 2 weeks near to CNY. Can you please let me have your quotation and let me know whether you may have any schedule in Feb 2013?
    I love your photography style and even more is you are a Christian with such a talented gift from God. My email address is teresaks@hotmail.com. Thank you.



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