Sun & Kwong pre-wedding at Korea

This is my first time to Korea, what made it more special was that it was for Sun and Kwong’s pre-wedding photo shoot. Kwong is my long term partner, I felt really honoured when he first proposed to me with this Korea trip. Actually his big day is coming in a few days time…feeling all excited now.

To me Korea was total foreign, however the results once again prove to me that even first times can create amazing results. As a photographer, visiting new spots can create lots of unexpected outcomes that of course, are often good ones.

When Kwong first approached me with the proposal of Korea I was really thrilled when things started to get planned. Sun and Kwong are a pair of sweet couple who are considered camera shy and it took some moments before things got warmed up. However the outcomes of this shoot came out really natural, together with some mild posing and the natural beauty scenery of Korea, it is definitely a memorable set of photos.

For the first night we shot for a little while around the hotel. Using natural light available, we managed to capture this shot.

Through this trip we did a few researches on places to go however those places that interests me more were those unplanned ones. For example some flower fields and sea sides we passed by, those natural scenery with vivid colours went really well with the bride’s dress. Along with the natural lighting, some posing and laughing, I really enjoyed the shoot.

Gorgeous sunset I have to say, definitely worth deliberately stopping down for it.

This was actually taken at the hotel swimming pool…..

Lastly a big thank you to Jodie the make up artist of the trip, wonderful job created.

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