Franny + Damon

Thanks God for letting me shooting for Franny & Damon’s wedding. Even though it was just a 15 mins registration ceremony, I was so excited to be there 1 hour ahead. I thought I have no idea of how to shoot until I met them. It was one of the simple wedding I met which you could image how important they treat this 15 mins wedding in their life by employing best make up artist , dress up and etc. The most exciting part of wedding is how to take good shot in limited time period 5 mins , 10 mins.  

On wedding day, Damon sent to his beloved 99 pcs roses that impressed everyone.

A thank you kiss ~

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2 Responses to Franny + Damon

  1. thanks Simon , I am glad to meet a bride like her. Michael =)


  2. Simon Ho says:

    nice to have a bride like her !!!!


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