Emily + Kocher

It was one of the touching wedding in this year with lots of tears and happiness. For each wedding , I have no idea of what to shoot and what will happen. They all depends on the interaction between us. From time to time , the challenge is how to communicate with couple instead of taking nice pictures. I think that the most important trick of getting natural images out of their lifestyle. Try to work on this way and you will find lots of fun from there. No rules no delay thats the truth ! haha !

I can see the truth smile and love between Emily and Kocher. This love is from God and nothing can replace this feeling of love. If you were not Christian , I will highly recommend you to go to Church to try to feel the love from God. You will feel very comfort and peace in Him ! Halleluyah !!!

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We are HK based company providing professional photography & video service.
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  1. Kat Lai says:

    I am interested in the big day 1V2P service, could you share with me the rate card, please.




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