Vivian ^^ Matthew

I like shooting in new place and thinking of new composition. That’s the most challenging for my part.

Matthew and Vivian really spent their whole heart of time to DIY their wedding from invitation card , Chinese fonts , stamp ,  sign of table numbers , Chinese fonts , photo frame and even pom-pom which I could see from their wedding day. >.<” It’s really a great project which you can imagine they spent lots of efforts in compromise and make things happen for their dream wedding. Arguments were unavoidable but I think it is good sign to learn communication for their future life. It gave me a bit of pressure because I must not miss any chance to take nice pictures out of their high standard as I think……

waiting for groom …


who will play snooker on their wedding day @.@

a touching speech.

finally I have chance to lay on the staircase . Yeah !!!!

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1 Response to Vivian ^^ Matthew

  1. Vivian says:

    Love the photos sooooooooooo very much
    thank you so much Michael *3*
    you are a real master!


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